So Here Goes…….

A very long time ago, in the same galaxy or even the same town, I was a fervent scale modeller. Wholly aircraft, there were planes from all over the world – either bought with pocket money, or from generous relatives at Christmas / Birthday. Eventually they would find their way dangling from the ceiling by cotton pinched from my Mum, or ‘resting’ on the windowsill, generally getting in the way – but waiting for a space and/or extra cotton.

I had Buccaneers, Harriers, Starfighters, Victor and Vulcans. They were always out of the box (I am told that the acronym now is OOB), and sometimes I would discount the required scheme for a custom one – normally black, reflecting my teenage mood on some occasions. But I also had fun with the transfers (decals, these days).

I had an SR71 with Soviet Stars on it, I had an all-black 1:72 Rockwell B1 with RAF colours applied. There was no rhyme or reason somedays.

I didn’t have a particular desk set aside for modelling – it tended to be the one that I did my homework on. Mum wouldn’t let me use the dining room table. In retrospect I can see her point, but it gave my bedroom a heady mix of different types of solvent, teenage-hamster-smell and needed airing very regularly.

Enough of the reminiscing, I’m getting back into the hobby. I am lucky that I have a house that I call home, and more importantly a specific space for modelling. I work from home a limited number of days per week, depending on the needs of my current client, and there is room for a workbench with spaces for paints, thinners and all the modern chemicals that have sprung up in the last twenty(-ish!) years.

There are still a few constants. Humbrol are still producing paint, although from what I read they are not the paints they once were. I will have to see that for myself before I make final judgement on it. And Hannants are still about – I have looked, seen and bought a number of decals over the last few weeks to prime my intended modelling direction. There are lots of new businesses out there – perhaps at the moment the most important to me is a well-known auction site, but as a child of the internet I am always looking for a better deal and will only hand over hard cash when I get there.

Thanks for looking. My modelling direction will be the focus of the next post later on.


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