Scale Modelling Now

Back in the days of teenage life, I didn’t have a plan for scale modelling. Kits were bought and built on the basis of the news, what was happening between the East and the West, NATO and the Warsaw Pact. They were also bought because I liked the paint scheme; my eye for design eventually took me into Aerospace Engineering and a Design Engineer job with a firm ‘oop North’.

But similar to the difference between Band Albums and ‘Now-that’s-what-call-butter’ albums, I have decided that I’m going to concentrate on a specific time and place in military aviation for my second go at modelling.

I am going to build Tornado F3’s in 1:72 scale. As a retired aircraft, the Tornado F3 allows me to constrain my activities in the knowledge that there won’t be anymore schemes created for me to think about modelling. As it is, I have investigated up to 100 different possibilities for a Tornado F3/ADV/ADF/EF3 schemes so the wallet will have an influence as well.

Being an Engineer, I love a good spreadsheet (!) and this hasn’t disappointed. I have split up my intended builds into phases of approximately 12 aircraft a piece. I am trying to cover as many different units/types, but to also include some of the more unusual varieties. I have also been buying kits, paints and equipment to support this build, and I think I’m ready to start.

The aim is to try and build in batches – using similar model kits for commonality. The Italeri 179 kit has often been identified as a good baseline kit, and the first three will be built using this. A fourth is also part of the build, but is the Tamiya version. Using kit and aftermarket decals I am going to attempt the following aircraft:

  1. ZE838 FK/? – Modeldecal 101 – 25 Squadron RAF – Tamiya Kit
  2. ZE785 DA – Xtradecal X72-005 – 11 Squadron RAF – Italeri Kit
  3. ZG730 CC – Xtradecal X72-051 – 5 Squadron RAF – Italeri Kit
  4. ZE158 AK – Airfix Club Decals (A73002) – 229 Op. Conversion Unit – Italeri Kit

Wish me luck, the building starts here.


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