Whirlwind Modelling

I am getting back into modelling scale aircraft again after a gap of about 20 (and the rest) years. Opportunity and a need to find a hobby to balance out a fairly busy job, have brought me back to something that I never thought I’d get back into.

Scale Modelling of military aircraft brought me a lot of enjoyment growing up. Living in Suffolk, between the RAF airfields of Wattisham and Honington, and the USAF airfields at Mildenhall, Lakenheath and Bentwaters/Woodbridge gave plenty of opportunities to see these aircraft in action. This didn’t stop me becoming blase about ‘yet another tanker doing circuits over the town’ or ‘what’s that, another A10 – seen one seen them all).

However, as time has passed and budget cuts took their toll, all the interesting stuff slowly disappeared to the point where ‘another tanker doing circuits’ is of excitement – and particularly the Osprey Tilt-Rotor aircraft when they are spotted. I was a spotter in a previous life, and though much satisfaction was gained by crossing off a new Jaguar, or Hercules I have definitely moved on from that.

Whirlwind Modelling has been started to document and share my faltering steps back into understanding how my hobby has changed over the last few decades, and to show my efforts in building scale models in the 21st Century.

I hope that you can come back regularly to see how things are going.


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